Fall Conference 2013

The location of the upcoming Fall Conference is yet unclear Due to delays in mandated engineering of new septic systems at the Campground, the April conference was held in Graham, WA. These delays are yet unresolved, leaving us unable to set the location for the fall conference. This is especially inconvenient for those who purchase their plane tickets early, but our hands are tied on this issue. I value your feedback concerning the possibility of again having the conference in Washington. If there is []

Full Length Sermon “A Call to Anguish” by David Wilkerson

Mind you, I don’t spend a lot of time listening to media preachers. I do however enjoy older sermon books and old -time preachers, and things that are truly spiritual. I appreciate the fact that those old preachers weren’t “keep it happy” types, but were unafraid to challenge the mind and heart. David makes a very important point about projects and ministries and ‘evangelism techniques’; amen! Too many people mistake the use of devices for management of evangelic activities, (data-bases, pamphlets, promotions) []

God Bless America

It began with a simple weather forecast.  I had for days postponed a closer look at the link below and I took it lightly, to be honest, as many people share things of interest, so I let it sit in my inbox for a few days until I could get to it.  Meanwhile, I was checking the weather forecast and hearing of all the bad weather coming to our land.  I pondered the reports of tornados in the south; snow across the []

The Fall 2012 Campmeeting by Michael C Kekel

The Pavilion In the slideshow you will notice many finishing touches to the Pavilion. All the metal skins are on, concealing the skeletal framework of the structure. A 30’ long, 18” high seating wall has been added along the side toward the Dining Hall, which turns toward the volleyball area for another 15 feet, but that’s not all! Did you notice the electrical outlets along the wall face, for perhaps setting up musical equipment for Holy Ghost karaoke?  That other wall adds []

Conference 2012 ‘The Lamb has Overcome’ Skit Cast Photos

A special thanks to all the cast who made the Conference 2012 Skit possible; they put lots of hard work into the production, and it certainly drove the message home. It  was absolutely awesome! If you enjoyed it, MAKE A COMMENT, check some amen or blessing boxes, share it, click LIKE, do something! I’ll soon be publishing more details about the Conference, and information about the video of the entire skit too. If you are interested in the video, let me know it right here []