The Greek Island of Mykonos

Mykonos, a beautiful island! In my opinion however, it doesn’t compare to Santorini or Rhodes. For one, it is colder and very windy. Jackie Onassis brought a lot of attention to this little jewel in the Greek Islands, and we’re told that a lot of famous people now like to come here. There are over 6,000 Greek islands, how many can you name? The water is amazing everywhere! Here’s just a few photos of the Island of Mykonos.

We have found that the Ottomans have conquered many of the Greek islands during their time, and made significant changes. So too have the Venetians, who some simply call ‘the Italians’ since they were out of Venice before Italy was all one. The Palace of the Grand Masters in Rhodes was also rebuilt by the Italians for Mussolini.

Today we toured the Parthenon that sits atop the acropolis in Athens, Greece, and then on to the Acropolis Museum and some shopping in the streets of the city. We head to the Athens airport tomorrow. It will take awhile to get home, esp. since we have an overnight layover in London. I will blog later about some of the stuff I haven’t covered, please pray for our travels home.

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