The Island of Rhodes

Rhodes comes from the Gk. RHODOS or RHODAS,and it means ‘roses.’ The Isle of Roses. Reminded me of RHODOdendron in Washington. We have been here before, so I only took a few pictures, mostly on my phone. I would have to email each one to myself to get them on here. I’m sure I already blogged it in 2015 anyway.

We did a walking tour today, and then came back to the ship for lunch, and set out to just walk about on our own. We twice walked from the ship (where this photo was taken) to those calls and the shore you see in the distance. What a beautiful day! One thing about the Greek islands is their amazing climate. Neither desert nor tropical, and they say they have 250-300 nice days per year.

There is much history here, too much for me to dredge and repeat; you can research that easy enough. Probably the high points were facts about the Crusaders who were here, the Ottomans, and Mussolini’s usage of the Palace of the Grand Masters (and much rebuilding by the Italians) for a summer retreat, which the war kept him from using. A 250- room summer palace; not bad for a Dictator.

I appreciated touring the Palace of the Grand Masters instead of just walking around in it like we did last time. Albeit today they didn’t show us everything we found before just exploring the place.

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