Northern Israel

The name Galilee means rolling hills. That’s exactly what you’ll find there, and it’s the name of the entire region taking in Capernaum, Tiberias and Nazareth.

That day, we briefly visited Nazareth with its rolling landscape and many tourist shops, besides a few notable landmarks. Again, there is nothing of Christian interest that the Catholics haven’t capitalized on. Then we visited Capernaum, (pron. ‘coppernay-HOOM’) near the Sea of Galilee. The River Jordan flows out of the south of the Sea, all the way down to the northern end of the Dead Sea, and out the south end of the Dead Sea. Where it exits the Sea of Galilee (SOG) it was about the width of the two-lane highway.

At Capernaum a thunderstorm welcomed us, but we experienced the swiftness of a Galilee storm, giving new meaning to what the disciples faced; thankfully without the boisterous winds. On display nearby, is a 2,000 year old boat minus a few parts, that made the visual even better! Across the water on “the other side” (Jesus) you see Tiberias. It’s actually on the same side, but it curves around.

There was a sweet, subtle fragrance in the air that made me smile. The murmur of small waves lapping the shore was calming to us, we didn’t want to leave. It occurred to me that the fishermen Jesus called away from these shores never hesitated to follow him, and they must have been quite astonished upon their first sight of the Temple Mount and the multitude of Roman soldiers.

Boat 2K

This is the place where Jesus arose and said “Peace, be still!” and the waters laid flat. Where he and Peter walked on the water. And there’s more to say about Capernaum and the miracles Jesus did there, along with some photos of the synagogue and the house of Peter’s Mother-in-law. Also coming up is Nazareth, and the Golan Heights. Thanks for looking! Please uh…subscribe like, comment! The blogging will continue until attitudes improve!

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