Step Aside

Text:   Mark 10 (46)

INTRO:  The title is reminiscent of the Three Stooges, esp. Moe, the leader saying “step aside.”  An old cliche meaning “get out of the way.”

Blind Bartimaeus had to ignore those who tried to silence him.  Though he couldn’t see, he was able to follow the direction of the voice of Christ.  He kept moving in that direction until he reached Jesus and the lights came on!

This is so much like the events that normally occur when a person gets saved.  SAVED doesn’t mean you acquired some “Toe Tag” that saves you from the burn pile and re-routes you to the thrift store to be sold.  When a person gets saved, something happens to them…in Colossians it is called the  “operation of the Holy Ghost”.

There are many voices that whisper and sometimes scream negative, discouraging things things to us, things that make us recoil from crying out to God;  voices that silence us, intimidate us, etc. The voices of our insecurities, fears, malice toward others (also insecurity) and even very vocal people eager to give you “their side” of the story.

If we get to Jesus, and get what He wants us to have and get as near to Him as we’re supposed to be, we will have to command many things to “step aside”.

I Ignore the voices

We’re not talking about “hearing things” here, we’re talking about sources of influence of any kind. VOICE: an agency by which a particular point of view is expressed or represented.

Isn’t that what brought Adam and Eve into sin and untold misery over hundreds and hundreds of generations?  Eve listened to satan, and Adam listened to her.

Why must Christians be tattlers, hiding behind the closed doors of Facebook, instead of getting their faces in THE book?  Silly women, laden with sins, who spend more time doing that, passing on the latest, hottest “happenings” and getting their noses into everyone else’s business or dispensing advice to others;  A commission God never gave them?  Silly men, seeking “the admiration of men”.

I Timothy 5 (13)

13 “And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not.”
It’s funny how people think tattlers are those who “tell on people” but they are really tale bearers.  Tattle is a verb meaning, to report on another’s wrong doing.

II Get it out of the way
Woman with the issue of blood
She had to shove aside those who stood between her and Jesus, keeping her from getting what she needed.

When he was unable to move the thronging multitude of people out of the way, he sought assistance…he turned to a simple tree to give him the boost he needed, that he might see Jesus in spite of the obstacles.  In the same sense, we are elevated, boosted, lifted and able to see, when we rely on the help of the old rugged tree.

There are many things that “crowd around Jesus” or that is, they are “associated with Christianity and the work of God (ministry) but they can stand in our way;  Our pride, our schedules, hobbies, careers.  We can look toward Jesus and not see Him clearly as we once did, seeing only bodies all around Him.  Each of them, a replica of us.  Like an hundred “selves” surrounding Him;  Each one represents something about YOU, that creates a barrier you cannot penetrate.

We allow these things to interfere

EDUCATION/ CLASSES vs. Bible School and burning your bridges.  If God calls you to be a Pastor, why do you pursue a secular career?  Nothing is wrong with that, if it in no way interferes with God’s will for you, but it does take your time.  Is it possible that the love of money is the root of their evil?  If their ministry and stewardship is successful, do they need the safety net of worldly pursuits?
Warnings against filthy lucre.

I Tim. 3 (3) and (8) and I Peter 5 (1)  Go to those verses and then to Titus 1

III Just Move On

ILL:  Sometimes an opponent can be most easily dispatched by using his own momentum and weight against him.

Lay aside the weight and the sin (both- not necessarily the same thing)

Lay apart all superfluity of naughtiness (James)

Having these promises  dearly beloved   (II Cor. 7)

Get thee behind me satan! (Jesus)

Grab them, cast them aside, and move forward, that you may get closer to Jesus.

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  1. Just this Thursday here in California the message was about “Tarshish Ships”, which was used to represent something as a means to bring us away from the will of God. Text taken from Jonah of course. Pursuits, activities, etc. to distract us from what God wants in our lives. The message here about “Step Aside” has a similar theme. I love how God ties things together and confirms his Word time and time again. What a blessing.

    -Bro. Hughes

  2. Thank you very much! What a wonderful message and a timely one also.
    The Holy Ghost knows how to confirm things that are needed for us on the field, and to be shared with God’s people for edification. Keep the messages coming–we need them! God bless you!
    T.K. Love

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