During our time in New York, we had the opportunity to visit some of the sights; here’s a few shots of the memorial and museum site of the World Trade Center.  There’s an interesting story behind this firetruck and the team of Ladder 3.  I asked the tour guide about the truck, and that’s all she needed to inspire her to pour out her heart, and tell me the horrific story of this truck.  In short, the firetruck was parked at the base of the North Tower (the first one struck) and when the building ‘pancaked’ as she called it, only the front of the truck was smashed. The team however was lost; they made it up the stairway to about the 32nd floor, before the building totally collapsed.  When you’re standing there, it’s hard to conceive how such massive structures came down without destroying the buildings around it.

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Panama 2014

Here’s some more photos of our trip to Panama last November


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